No Man’s Sky Trainer +22 v1.08 {FANAiON}

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No Man’s Sky v1.08 +22 Trainer-FANAiON
Trainer Releaser: FANAiON
Date: 25-11-2016
+22 Trainers



F1 Unlimited health
F2 No Overheat
F3 Infinite JetPack
F4 Infinite Laserbeam
F5 Infinite Resources
F6 Full Hazard Protection
F7 Full Life Support
F8 No Crafting Requirements
F9 No Atlas Requirements
F10 Infinite Ammo
NUMPAD1 No Reload
NUMPAD2 Infinite Ship Health
NUMPAD3 Infinite Units
NUMPAD4 Infinite Plasma Launcher
NUMPAD5 Infinite Ship Fuel
NUMPAD6 Infinite Ship Ammo
NUMPAD7 Easy Kills
NUMPAD8 No Ship Scanner Cooldown
NUMPAD9 Infinite Hyperdrive
NUMPAD0 No Alerting
HOME Super Speed
DELETE Decode All Items


  1. Run the game then the trainer. Use any cheats you like!.


No Man’s Sky v1.08 +22 Trainer 25-11-2016

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  • Junayet Miah


    Can you please make this work with the new update that just got released? Not all of the things are working, it just says, “off”.


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