Legends of Eisenwald Trainer +4 V1.0 {DEViATTED}

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Legends of Eisenwald v1.0 +4 Trainer-DEViATTED
Trainer Releaser: DEViATTED
Date: 27-12-2016
+4 Trainers


F1 Unlimited Gold
F2 Heal Unit (Battle)
F3 Weak Unit (Battle)
F4 Add Experience (Battle)


  • Options 1-3 will take effect when you mouse over any unit in battle mode, so do not mouse over an enemy unit if you want to use the heal option or you will heal him. Same goes for the Weak unit option, don’t mouse over your units.
  • Use only one option at a time (Options 1-3) and turn it off if you want to use another option. The Gold cheat takes effect when you open inventory and move your character.This trainer uses SigScanning so it should work for any version of Legends of Eisenwald as long as the code changes aren’t major. Tested on v1.0 of Legends of Eisenwald.


Legends of Eisenwald v1.0 +4 Trainer 27-12-2016

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