Blood Bowl 2 Trainer +1 V1.0 {DEViATTED}

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Blood Bowl 2 v1.0 +1 Trainer-DEViATTED
Trainer Releaser: DEViATTED
Date: 24-12-2016
+1 Trainers


F1 Super Character Stats


  • This trainer was tested on Blood Bowl 2 v1.0 CODEX version. The trainer uses sigscanning so it will work for other versions such as STEAM and any future versions.
    Because this game uses FILES to store and read data in offline mode, there are some special usage notes for this. Use the option at the character(team) screen only and then turn it off. Watch the video to see how to use the trainer. When playing the game, you are allowed more movements and that may sometime cause the game to freeze because you are exceeding the max allowed movements. For example, once Blitzing someone, do NOT try to pickup the ball from the same player as you would not be normally allowed to do so without super player characteristics. Play the game and you will understand what action you can and can’t do.


Blood Bowl 2 v1.0 +1 Trainer 24-12-2016

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