Batman: Arkham Asylum – Enable Console & RCheatManager commands

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Hello folks.

As mentioned in this post here, below you’ll find an updated table for Batman: Arkham Asylum (latest Steam build).

How to work with it:

1) Run the game till main menu, open up Cheat Engine, target ShippingPC-BmGame.exe game process.

2) Activate [Console] item and the sub-section expands. Activate Fetch UE3 Pointers/Addresses script to fetch the required GNames and GObjects pointers. If script doesn’t get enabled, let me know.

3) Activate Enable Console script. Go back in-game, press Tilde key once and you’ll see the console open up. Back to Cheat Engine, disable the script (you can leave it enabled if you want, but I recommend disabling it, as multiple other commands pass through this hook).

4) Activate Set Hook & Emulate RCheatManager UObject script and leave it enabled. Script will hook a certain location that’s used only when: you enter game world from main menu OR when you die. That’s when RPlayerControllerCombat UObject in LocalPlayer UObject gets reset. Keep this in mind before replying it doesn’t work.

5) In-game, open up the console with Tilde key and type in a command (e.g.: fly). You’ll see you can now fly around.


a. If you choose to disable and re-enable Set Hook & Emulate RCheatManager UObject then you’ll have to either die or exit to main menu, then get back in-game.

b. If you want to have a look at all GNames and GObjects, you can dump them via GNames & GObjects Dumper script. Once activated, press Numpad /, then check Batman Arkham City GOTY\Binaries\Win32 folder for two text documents: NamesDump.txt and ObjectsDump.txt. Note that when you transition between main menu and in-game, the pointers to the objects might get reallocated, thus you’ll need to press Numpad / again.

c. Note that Debug Camera works in this one, just type in ToggleDebugCamera. Once activated:

I – ToggleLookInvert (changing mouse vertical orientation)
Esc/Pause – to freeze/unfreeze game

Just check DefaultInput.ini in BmGame\Config\ folder ;) The only problem is you can’t get out of this mode.

Download Link: [ ]

Updated: 23 Aug 2016. You may want to re-download the above table.


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